Proactive decision-making with real-time molecular data


Redefining Infrared Laser Spectroscopy

Bringing the lab to you.

Quantune has invented the world’s first chip-sized laser spectrometer for molecular sensing in its native spectral range, enabling lab-grade analytic accuracy with a device that fits on your fingertip. 

It provides realtime molecular data to enable you to take informed actions at the earliest time physically possible — revolutionizing the way you monitor biomarker molecules in your body, or the composition of your product during production.

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Little things count

The relevance of molecules.

The most fundamental way of gaining deep insight into the world that surrounds us is to decrypt what it is actually made of — down to the molecular level.

Infrared spectroscopy is the laboratory gold standard to identify and quantify molecular compositions, answering a myriad questions about quality, purity, and health.

Breaking the shackles that limit laboratory analysis today, Quantune‘s technology extends the reach of possibilities far beyond what is currently attainable.

Vital Information

Examples of molecules detectable with infrared fingerprint spectroscopy.


Sugars are the main energy carrier of living organisms, vital for metabolism, growth, repair, reproduction, brain function and cell communication. They also form the structural building blocks of DNA and cell membranes.


Lipids play numerous essential roles in living organisms, vital for energy storage and the production of hormones, which in turn regulate nearly every single function of the body.


Proteins play numerous critical roles in virtually all processes of living organisms. They form enzymes that enable chemical reactions like metabolism, digestion, DNA replication and protein synthesis. They are crucial for immune function, muscle contraction, gene expression, and structural support of cells, tissues and organs.


Ketones are an alternative energy source to sugar, when sugar is not available, during fasting, prolonged exercise, or carbohydrate restriction. The ability to produce and utilize ketones provides metabolic flexibility, and allows the body to switch between glucose and fat metabolism depending on dietary and physiological conditions.


Acids are the key determinants of the pH value of a solution. They are essential to regulate chemical reactions in living organisms, industrial processes, as well as during cleaning, sterilization and preservation.


Alcohols are popular for use in beverages and biofuels. But they are also used in solvents, sterilization and preservation and participate in various chemical reactions important for the production of pharmaceuticals, fragrances, polymers, and specialty chemicals.


Polymers are the building blocks of all plastics and have revolutionized industries such as packaging, construction, automotive, aerospace, electronics, and healthcare. Plastics are cost-effective, light-weight, versatile, durable, and recyclable.


Drugs, pharmaceuticals or medications target specific biochemical pathways, physiological processes, or microbial agents associated with diseases to restore normal function. They alleviate suffering, cure infections, manage chronic conditions, and improve overall health and quality of life.


Toxins are substances produced by living organisms to cause harm to other organisms. While toxins are generally associated with negative effects, they also play an important role in ecosystem dynamics by influencing predator-prey relationships, competition between species, and food webs. Due to their widespread use in various natural and man-made processes, monitoring is essential for containment and avoidance of contaminations.

countless opportunities

Areas of application.

Proactive healthcare
Proactive Process Control
and many more.

Counting little things

Our technology.

Quantune has invented and developed the first-of-its-kind micro spectrometer that records hundreds of data points in the mid-infrared spectral range — the molecular fingerprint region – for unprecedented breadth and depth of data. It combines two fundamentally new pieces of technology. The first is an extremely widely tunable Quantum Cascade Laser and the second is a depth-scanning touch detector.

Utilizing quantum technologies, MEMS and semiconductor photonics, we have miniaturized what used to be table-top instrumentation, to bring the full potential of lab analysis right where it’s needed. Enabling real-time health monitoring, and so much more…

The micro spectrometer is awarded with several significant tech awards, most notably the 2023 Berthold Leibinger Innovationspreis.

»To make this system work, you have to reinvent all parts involved... and that’s what we did«
Dr. Jan F. Kischkat, CEO & founder Quantune Technologies GmbH

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"It’s not just a laser."

A new frontier

The first ever photonic microsystem for the infrared fingerprint region.


  • Lab-grade accuracy with up to hundreds of spectral data points
  • Direct identification and
    quantification of molecules
  • Touch sensor: no sample handling or preparation

cost-effective manufacturing

  • Hyper-scalable with high-yield, large-batch semiconductor components
  • Suitable for high-speed assembly with fully automated passive pick-and-place


  • High quality - small size
  • Fully contained system with tunable laser, touchprobe, detector, auto-calibration engine, driver and processor
  • Extremely robust

Disruptive proprietary tech

  • First self-contained photonic microsystem for the mid-ir
  • 40+ patents and applications in 10+ countries
  • Full control over process chain

Gentle, safe
& sustainable

  • Non-invasive measurement with soft, harmless light
  • No markers, no sampling
  • Nothing consumes, alters, or enters the sample
  • No consumables, no waste


  • Designed from the bottom up for everyday use
  • Self-referencing, self-calibrating & drift-free
  • Stable & durable

Strong foundation

Quantune in a nutshell.

Award-winning approach, industry-leading tech

strong IP portfolio with 40+ patents & Pending Applications
Global Development and Manufacturing Ecosystem
affordable, robust, small & highly scalable product
quantune leap

Company history.

Exist Grant, BMWK


Fraunhofer Deeptech Accelerator
First demonstrator of laser & detector
demonstrator gen2

DeMOnstrator GEN3


Start of clinical phase

EIC Pathfinder grant, Horizon Europe

2nd PROFIT Grant, IBB

Combining Vision, knowledge & dedication

Management team.

Strong support

Our backers & partners.


We look forward to hearing from you.

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